25 Sep 2018

Some info about English level and its certification

Some of you might be interested in certifying your English level at the end of this year or at the end of Bachillerato.

Here you can find some useful information about the level you will be asked to have when going to university, for example.

Just click on this link and take a look.

Welcome and writing task for my students in YEAR 1 Bach at IES Martaguisela

Hi there!

It is a pleasure to have such interesting groups this year at my new school. I hope you feel the same and that we can have a good year together.

Now I would like to ask you to do a short writing task here. Write a short text about the classmate you interviewed at school and let us know about him or her. Remember you must be polite and respectful.

I look forward to reading them.

See ya around!

Hello and writing task for year 4 ESO at IES Martaguisela

Hello my dear new students at IES Martaguisela,

this is the post for my students in YEAR 4 ESO to write a short text describing yourselves. Tell me about you: your name, the place where you live, your family members, your pets, your free time activities and anything you want to share with me.

Remember you must write it for Friday!

Bye for now!!

24 Jun 2018

Trip to Scotland 2018

Hi there,

here you are the post we mentioned at dinner time in Edinburgh last Tuesday about your comments on the trip.

Feel free to write your opinion, complaints, proposals, etc but always being absolutely respectful with your classmates, your teachers and all the people involved in this event.

I look forward to reading your comments!

30 May 2018

Time for your last writing exercise!!

Hello again,

this year is about to end and also my period as your English teacher.

Make my day and show me how good you are as writers. Remember your composition will summarise the events that took place this year as well as your plans for the summer or the year to come.
Remember to use a variety of verb tenses.

I look forward to reading them!